Storm add sniper, Aric Dickerson to roster

Released: October 25, 2017

By Thomas Becker | Oct. 25, 2017

CHARLOTTETOWN - In an age when the long ball is gold, the Island Storm found gold of their own by adding a guard who can drain them at an efficient clip.

Enter Aric Dickerson. In his senior year with the  Hornets, Dickerson scorched the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and finished second, shooting 42.3 per cent from deep, which also placed him in the top 100 in the country.

Two years later, Dickerson decided to turn pro and signed a deal with the Storm.

“When my agent called me, I was so happy,” Dickerson said. “I spent that night with the family. We went to a nice dinner and I just had a nice time celebrating with them.”

As a shooter, Dickerson’s mindset can never waiver, something his dad taught him at a young age that he still abides by each time he laces up his sneakers.

“He told me to have a short memory. If you miss a shot, keep shooting and make the next one,” he said. “When it comes to shooting, I don’t have a conscience. If I get a good look, I’m shooting it.”

The 26-year-old seemingly has unlimited range. In the half court, defenders can’t take their eyes off of him because the moment they do, that ball is most likely passing through the nylon. He comes off screens very well and with his quick release can shoot off the dribble, making him a deadly sniper.

“I just have confidence in my game. I go into a game thinking I’m the best shooter on the court,” he said.

As a result, defences often elect to face guard the prolific shooter in an attempt to get him out of his rhythm.

“I love when I get face guarded,” said the Chicago, Illinois native. “Defences don’t want me to catch the ball because it’s so easy for me to create my own space and get the open look.”

While playing Division I ball is one thing, playing at the professional level is a completely different animal and he’ll have to make the necessary adjustments to be successful.

“I’m coming in as a rookie and I don’t know what to expect playing in this league. But I know the game and I’ll do the best I can to help the Island Storm win some basketball games.”

That said, head coach Tim Kendrick believes in his sniper and sees him as a valuable weapon on the roster.

“At six-foot-six, Aric is an outstanding shooter with deep range and who can create shots off the dribble,” Kendrick said. “He’s athletic, has great length and runs the floor well.”

After talking to Kendrick shortly after the deal was agreed upon, Dickerson was given some sound advice by his new head coach.

“He told me to come into camp in shape and be ready to shoot the ball off the airplane.”

Once training camp begins, he’ll be lining up beyond the arc doing what he does best and helping the Storm in their quest for a championship.

“I’m just ready to be a part of the Storm,” Dickerson said. “I’m ready to put that jersey on and help this team win.”

Storm fans are reminded that single game tickets will go on sale at the box office and online on Nov. 1.


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